Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas and Disney

Where do I start?   

I guess with our super fun Christmas Eve Eve with our bestie....
We had such a great time hanging out with the Linner's- we ate yummy food and played charades fora long time- even Hadley played charades-  Believe it or not she did pretty good.  

In fact she wanted it to be her turn all the time!  
Love our sweet friends so much.  They are like family to us.  

We were home this year for Christmas- so weird.  But we enjoyed our day together.  We made a big breakfast and then spent the day cooking and hanging by the fire.  

Poppy makes the BEST lobster ravioli every year for Christmas so Todd took on that job this year and I must say they were so yummy.  We still have some left in the freezer!  

Todd and I packed up the car (kids thought we were leaving for Florida to see family the 26th - little did they know they'd wake up Christmas AM with a surprise!) and we got the kids to bed at a decent time.  

Can we say SURPRISED!   Riley's reaction is so priceless.  She just went to Disney with her grandparents in September and LOVED it so much.   

We literally were in the car by 9:00 am and at our resort in Disney by 4:00.  Kids were swimming by 5:00 and Todd and I were drinking a beer by 5:30.   

We were up bright and early Monday AM to get to Magic Kingdom by 8:00 ish.  I don't think Hadley had any clue what she was about to get herself into...

We got right into Magic Kingdom and hopped right onto It's a Small World- so cute.  
We also rode Peter Pan, Splash Mountain (Todd and the big kids), the carousel, The Racetrack, the People Mover and saw a Mickey Mouse movie.  We left mid-afternoon for Hadley to nap and the big kids to go play two rounds of put-put with Todd.   

Monday night we headed to Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) to meet up with Jeff and Tracy.  I can honestly say that was a disaster.  It's huge now and overwhelming.  We had to park a long ways away and we couldn't get dinner anywhere so we ended up eating horrendous Asian food at a little tiny place.  Gross.  We were glad to get outta there.  

Tuesday we were up and out of our hotel early again to head to Epcot.  We hopped right onto Soarin'- all five of us.  So much fun.  Hadley loved it.  We then rode Spaceship Earth - all of us. Again- Hadley loved it. 

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan.   Todd took the big kids to ride Mission Space and Hadley flipped out.  She was so pissed that she couldn't go.    Then- Todd and the big kids went to ride Fast Track while Hadley and I were supposed to go rode Nemo.  

Instead- this is what Hadley did....

No shit- she was a a nightmare for about 45 minutes.   I about lost it. 
Then she was fine.  
Go figure.  

We headed over to the World Showcase to meet up with Jeff, Tracy, Emma and Ava (no pics - boo) for lunch in Germany.  It was very yummy.  

Todd and I took Hadley back to the hotel to nap and Jack and Riley stayed at Epcot with Jeff/Tracy and crew.  

We joined them again around 5:00 and rode Living with the Land and then hung out in Paris at the World Showcase for beers before having a late dinner in Morocco.   

All in all- it was a great two days.  

Southern Florida to come!

Until next time....

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