Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Tournament and a Championship

Todd and Riley headed over to Raleigh on Friday afternoon for Riley's season ending soccer tournament.   She had four games and her team went 2-2 (one loss was a 1-0 loss).   Needless to say they played well and Coach Andy was pleased.   From the pics and texts I got it sounds like the girls (and Dad's) had fun too.  

Ri has had lots of fun with these ladies and Coach Andy this fall.  She's gearing up for basketball and is also playing futsal this winter with her soccer team.  Busy girl.

Jack's team won the 7th grade championship yesterday.  Unfortunately Jack couldn't play because he sprained his SC joint Tuesday at practice.  But... honestly - it could have been much worse so we'll take it.  

I can't believe it's over... A minimum of four days a week of football since late July.  Jack is going to take the next three weeks off and start up with baseball conditioning after Thanksgiving and he's playing on a fun basketball team with some of his buddies starting in December.  

Hadley entertaining herself with flipping a water bottle in the stands... she actually got it to land upright one time (but I didn't get that on video).  

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day.  Jack, Haddie and I headed over to the park.  Jack went fishing while Haddie climbed and played.  

Hadley loves her big brother.  With his crazy schedule and social life she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with him but today they had some quality time.  

Obsessed with fishing... next Saturday is his make-up fishing trip (cancelled last month from the hurricane).  Should be a fun time. 

Until next time....

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