Saturday, October 29, 2016

Soccer, Football and a Parade

Two soccer games this weekend.  Let's hope tomorrow's game goes much better than this AM's... Whew- that was an ass whooping.  

Of course Miss Haddie smiling away (marker on her face too).  

Luckily Jack's team won their semi-final game against Cuthbertson today.  At one point they were down 16-0 (two touchdowns and then two-two point conversions).... We scored a touchdown but missed the extra point... AGH- then scored again and missed the extra point again... we just couldn't get it going.

But we scored a touchdown to go ahead for the first time in the game with only a minute or so to go left in the game.   And Cutherbertson marched down the field and literally came within yards of scoring to win the game but simply ran out of time.   Such a great game.  Can't wait for the championship game next Saturday.

Love these boys... Jack, Michael (yes - he is 6' tall), Daniel, Trace, Tommy, Ethan, Gabe.  Such great kids.  

Oh yeah- and Hadley had her Halloween parade this past Thursday at school.  She kept saying all morning, "I don't want to do the parade..." even though I wasn't sure she even knew what a parade was.

But she was a big girl.  No tears.  No crying.  Super proud of her.   She wore her simple Superhero Costume and was such a big girl.  

Until next time...

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