Saturday, March 12, 2016

What's Up?

Seems our lives have been so focused on getting this backyard done that most of my blogs lately have been about the progress out back. 

Rest assured that we have a million and one other things going on - that's what makes it so hard to find the time to blog about them. 

Jack is crazy, crazy busy with two baseball teams and a 7 v 7 football league.  Most weeks he has a practice and/or game seven days a week.  In fact this weekend he has 5 baseball games and a football game…. he won't  make it to two of the baseball games and it's supposed to rain tmrw so it may end up being a lazy Sunday- which would be nice.  On top of that he is super anal about his school work and his report card that comes out this week will have high A's in all subjects.   He seems to juggle it all well and I'm super proud of him.   

Riley has been killing it at school - she's been so focused and working so hard.  I am so proud of her.  If her grades still stand from the last time I saw them she will have straight A's again…  she's come a long way this year and I am so happy she's taking it seriously.   Her soccer team has been playing a lot and she has another tournament next weekend.  

Hadley- well… she's a nightmare these days.  Hate to say it and one day when she reads this I hope she says to herself.. "Man- I am so sorry I was such a pain in the you-know-what."  Basically she isn't sleeping long enough at night so she's always tired and refuses to nap - unless I drive her around in the car - so she is grumpy.  All the time.   And- she is scared of everything.  It's almost comical and worrisome at the same time.    

We were at the shoe store the other day and she refused to try on shoes (with me- not a shoe salesmen).    She said she was scared… :(-   And on Friday AM's we go to Chick-fil-A before taking the boys to middle school.  Yesterday she refused to play in the indoor play area because to other kids were in there already- she was 'scared.'   She will get scared and say things like- "I scared.  I want to go back home… go back home."   I hope and pray it's just a phase but man- it's frustrating.  We took her out to dinner last night and she did fine until she was ready to go and by God- she was ready to go.  

People say the Terrible Three's are worse that the Terrible Two's…. Lord help us.  

This summer I plan to wear her out in the pool and then she can sleep all afternoon!  I hope. 

Some recent pics….

This is how you find Jack every afternoon--- sitting at the kitchen counter studying.  His study habits are insane! 

And this is how you find Hadley quite a bit these days…. with the iPad in her hand.  

Fuzzy picture but this is Riley a lot these days… reading, reading, reading! 

Haddie is super into coloring and wants a rainbow cake for her birthday…. 

She also loves to cook for her babies.   We spent lots of time in the playroom having "pancakes" - which really means picnics.  

Jack's baseball team is wearing ties to school on game days.  Love when my boy dresses up and is so handsome.  

Jack's littlest fan… Hadley Mae. 

After the shoe trying on debacle the other day we came home and recharged.  Then we headed to Lowes and she wanted to bring her own shopping cart.  She loved every minute of it! 

Ri and her friends Sydney and Kendal at the annual Fun Run at school this week.  She ran 58 laps- when she only had to run 35.  Way to go Ri!!

Tiger Tim is Riley's favorite Boosterthon Team Member!  These guys are so much fun! 

This pic is hard to see but I took a screen shot off the school newsletter.  He was Wildcat of the Week this past week in 6th grade for Commitment.  Needless to say this fits him perfectly.  

And of course Riley is loving her soccer… another game today!  Can't wait.

Until next time…...

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