Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Matilda and More

So I've been behind the 8 ball the last few weeks with blogging.   We've been busy and Hadley's been a beast so I am passed out at night fairly early.  

This beast mode behavior shall pass- I say to myself.  

But first- over Valentine's Day weekend Todd surprised Riley with tickets to see Matilda.  The off broadway show was in town and Todd was able to get great seats for the two of them.   We have the movie and Riley is currently reading the book so it was fun for her to see the play.  

All dressed up and ready to go to lunch before the play. 

A quick pic with Daddy's oldest and youngest.  

So now on to Beastmode.   Napping is a thing of the past.  Unless she's passed out in the car (see below) she is not napping.  No chance.  

But - she will go upstairs and play in the playroom and watch cartoons for a while so I can get stuff done, rest or do homework with Riley.  

This is what I came upstairs to the other day….

Not only has Haddie given up all napping but she has been hopping out of her crib in the middle of the night or early morning hours and coming into our room.  She will normally just fall back to sleep in our bed but if it's after 5:00 a.m. forget about it.  

The other day she woke so early I have her my iPad and her headphones and put her on the oversized chair in our room so we could sleep some more.  

So with all of Hadley's shenanigans we decided to take her crib down last Friday.

Big girl bed: 

She has been in her big girl bed since Friday and definitely doesn't like it.  It takes a bit of patience putting her to bed but she'll go to sleep after a few extra minutes rocking and lying down with her.  

She'll grow out of this phase at some point!  

Here's my cutie at the soccer field the other day… there were about 50 or so of these pictures on my phone.  

Our backyard has been in a holding pattern… much to my dismay.  The only thing completed last week was the fire pit - which we used this past weekend.  Jack loves building fire pits so he was in charge all weekend.  

Once we get through the terrible weather we're supposed to have tomorrow our screened in porch area will start.  Hopefully that will take only a week or so and then the landscaping will be done.  

That's it for now!

Until next time….

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