Friday, January 29, 2016

Pool Update 1/29/16

So last week was pretty much a dead week as far as the pool construction goes.  We had a decent amount of rain and then the snow and ice came the end of last week.  

Well this week has been a different story.  The tile guys have been here all day every day this week and finally finished this afternoon with the tile and travertine coping (where you sit on the edge of the pool).   

Although the surrounding areas are still very wet and muddy, the pool is starting to come together.  It looks awesome.  

Next week our main contractor will come and spray paint out the decking and we will decide if we need to move it around or add some and then a week from Monday the crew will start the decking.  

After all that is done our carpenter will come and work on the screened in porch, cabinet, under decking, etc….  then landscaping, fire pit, fence, pebble tec, water and driveway!! 


Here's a video of the progress so far. 

Until next time...

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Nelson Myers said...

Constructing a new pool is always fun to watch (especially knowing what it's going to look like afterward). There is always so much more that goes into the "tiling" than what people think and the whole process just amazes me. You'll appreciate it when it's finally done and you can sit by the poolside watching the children play.

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