Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year In Review- Part 1

2015 was a great year for our family.  
We went to Aruba.
Started building a pool.
Played on the beach.
Jack started middle school.
Girls went to school.
Lots and lots of sports were played. 
We went to Maine and Boston. 
Plus much much more!


Todd and I went to the Panthers playoff game. 

Silly girls. 
Haddie loves her teacher- Ms. Anna. 

Haddie and Swish.


Started off with beautiful weather but ended with an ice storm.  

Riley played soccer and lacrosse.  

Riley and Abby went to a Hornets game with their Dad's.  

Mommy went to DC to meet her best friends new baby. 

Jack built stuff and played baseball. 

Haddie posed for pictures. 


We went to the beach and watched the renourishment take place. 

Kids posed for pictures - against their will. 

Jack went to his first school dance.  

More sports for Jack and Ri. 

Someone turned TWO!!!


More baseball tournaments.  

Jack starts cooking his famous burgers.  

Mom and Dad get a night out with good friends. 

Celebrating the end of the school year.  


Jack graduated from elementary school.  

Riley finished 2nd grade with her British teacher. 

Someone turned NINE!

Football camp.

Volleyball camp. 


Lost of beach time. 

And a trip to Maine. 

More fun in July. 

Part Two coming.  

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