Friday, October 2, 2015

Rain, rain, go away

About 6-7 months ago Todd starting planning a guys weekend in Myrtle Beach with 11 other guys.   Wednesday-Sunday - a crazy amount of golf and equal amounts of fun.   Most of these guys he rarely sees so needless to say he was very excited.  

But- Mother Nature decided to inflict painful amounts of rain on our region over the last week and the next few days.  

So the big boys are at the beach - having fun in the rain but not golfing a whole lot.  I guess they were able to get 36 holes in yesterday and were going to try to play 18 this AM but that'll be about it.  I'm sure there'll be lots of card games and other shenanigans for the boys so they'll still have a great time.  

Meanwhile- our crazy weekend of sports has turned into a fairly non eventful weekend.   Tonight's high school homecoming game was moved to last night.  Tomorrow's middle school football game and Riley's soccer game were cancelled, as well as Jack's baseball tournament on Sunday.   The only thing left on our agenda is a one hour practice for Jack on Sunday and a fun-filled girls night for me Saturday night!  

Once word came down that all the fun was being cancelled for Jack and his friends his phone started to blow up… I'm not kidding when I say the texts were going crazy!  There's talk of going to the movies tonight, going out for pizza, hanging at a buddies house- who knows!  We'll figure it out after they get off the bus.  

In other words- look what I ran across….

Be still my heart.  A toothless Riley, a curly haired Jack and chub city Haddie just learning how to sit up…. two years ago exactly!  

Currently, as I type, Haddie is having a party in her room.  When I put her to bed it was 12:45.  It's now 2:02 and she's still awake.   Singing songs, jumping up and down, rolling around, talking, etc…  I hope this doesn't mean she's trying to give up naps.   She did this yesterday too and finally fell asleep around 2:00.  I am NOT ready, I repeat NOT ready, for her to give up naps.  I need until next summer!  Please.  

Jack's been super into Nerf guns again and received a few for his birthday…  He left his mess lying around the other day and guess who got ahold of it?   

This is so funny- for some reason my phone wasn't receiving texts for a few hours one day last week when the kids were out of school.   Jack and Riley were with friends and I took Haddie to her gym class.  Ummm- guess Jack was trying to reach me!  HA.

Another eye appointment for this one today.  She sees just fine and may, just maybe need a teeny, tiny prescription for reading in the future.  

Jack and JP celebrated their birthday's last weekend with a little party here.  It was drizzling out (shocking) so we set up shop in the garage.  They had a blast playing football and soccer in the drizzle.  One more year until they're teenagers!

Until next time….

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