Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hot Mess

I have been known to say a time or two, (or three hundred thousand) that Haddie is a hot mess. 
And seriously, she is.  
And I just love it. 
She's rotten, bossy, demanding, beautiful, loving, silly, daring and brave. 
And I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me nervous - especially if she carries these traits on through adolescence. 
But- we'll survive.  

Last weekend at the baseball field I sat in my chair and watched her - watched her suck on a ring pop,  plot through a bag of Doritoes, spit sunflower seeds everywhere and throw her shoes off and prance around barefoot on the dirty ground.   At the same time, she sucked on dirty ice from the cooler. 
I mean - who lets their two year old do those kinds of things?

But man- we love her so much it's not funny. 

Just the other night she had finished taking a shower with me and was chilling in her towel on my bed while I got dressed.  She hopped down off the bed (naked), ran down the hall and went into Ri's bathroom.  
She climbed in the tub with her and proceeded to hysterically giggle with her sister as I was shoo'ed away.  I was not invited to their two person party.  

It's moments like those that makes me wish so badly for a sister….. thank goodness my girls have each other.  What a bond those two have….

And just the other day I was cooking one morning (making a meal for a sick friend) and Haddie had enough of entraining herself, apparently.   

She proceeded to push and shove her toy box (with a little help from me) onto the porch.  
Then she ate dog food.  
Then she dumped a huge bag of Cheerios ALL OVER THE PLACE.   
Then she went down to the basement, grabbed four water bottle from the bar fridge and brought them upstairs.  

Just watching her exhausts me!!

A few pics of our hot mess. 

The next video is of Haddie giving a peace sign, trying to say "bruh."  It's slang for 'bro' - which is slang for brother.  The boys all say it and Riley taught her how to do it the other day - when I wasn't looking. 

Until next time….

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