Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Full Weekend

This past weekend was packed with sports and fun. 
Four baseball games, two lacrosse games, one missed soccer game, on first communion party and one derby party!  Whew… 
But it was a lot of fun to watch.  Jack played 2nd base for two games, shortstop for one game and pitched in relief in two games.  Busy kid. 
Ri finished up her lacrosse season with two games.  She's thinking about taking a break from lacrosse and playing soccer and volleyball next year- we'll see!

Some fun pics of Jack this weekend…. he was on fire in the field.  So proud of him. 

Haddie spent Saturday with Paa Paa all day- hitting up the park and going out for dinner.  But she joined us for one of Jack's games and two of Riley's games on Sunday.  She was a trooper and had a blast.  

Even licking a pole during baseball.  Gross. 

This is what she looked like nearly 3 minutes into our car ride from baseball to lacrosse.  Poor thing was so tired. 

Fun watching my girl run up and down the field!

Until next time…

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