Friday, March 13, 2015

Survivor Man and His Sisters

Lately Jack has been obsessed with watching old seasons of Survivor on my iPad.   He's probably watched 4-5 seasons this winter.   The viewing has slowed down now that he has baseball three nights a week but he's still obsessed. 

My mom has a lot of bamboo in her yard and brought a bunch yup up for Jack so he could build a shelter - like in Survivor.   He got to work yesterday - pics below.  

The weather has been quite nice - we've been outside tons.  Today it's going to be cold and rainy though- but back to nice by Sunday.  Just in time for Jack's first tournament.  Tomorrow will surely be rained out.  

Had chilling in my chair. 

Riley LOVED her night out with her Dad, good friend Abby and her Dad.  They made it through the entire game and got home at 10:45. 

Ri's 2nd grade performance was last night.  They dressed like the 80s.  Can you tell?

The kids enjoying the bamboo and Jack working on his shelter.  

Some cute videos lately. 

Until next time…..

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