Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spring Teaser

70 degrees in early February?  We'll take it. 

I have a sneaky suspicion that we won't be seeing any snow this year- there certainly isn't any in the immediate forecast.  That's ok- this year would be hard with Haddie.  Last year she couldn't walk and still napped in the AM… this year she'd be all over the place.  

We spent the majority of the weekend outside.  The kids were off playing with various friends at times as well but most of the weekend was spent outside.  

I'll take the nice, easy, laid back weekend.  Spring sports kick in later this month and we'll be crazy busy until mid June.  

Haddie absolutely loves being outside.  She cannot stand when Jack and Riley are outside and she's not.  So that means we throw on shoes and join them most of the time.  

Jack and another friend spend most of the day yesterday at JP's house.  Apparently they are building a fort in the woods next to his house.  Jack picked up some paint sticks at Lowes when we went this AM.  He spent lots of time today whittling them down into stakes for their fort.  

The girls drew pictures with chalk and Riley spent some time teaching Haddie "Itsy Bitsy Spider."  Haddie loves dancing around.  

And then Ri brought her iPad outside so they could listen to music- you can see that Haddie wanted it all to herself.  

A rare moment with all three kids playing peacefully together.  

Haddie got some new shoes.  She loves them - so do I.  She puts them on herself.  

More whittling. 

Not happy to have his picture taken. 

Unless he is shooting hoops and then he asks me to take his pic. 

Hot mess making a hot mess.  

Riley getting in on the basketball fun. 

Practicing her serve in the garage. 

And not to be outdone Haddie had to get in on the lacrosse fun.  

Spring will really be here before you know it. 

Until next time….

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