Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hizzy Update

It's been a while since I've done an update on our Hizzy.  
I can't wrap my brain around the fact that she will be two years old in a little more than 2 months.  
Time is flying by - although when I look at older pics of her it takes me right back to that moment in time…..

For instance, these are from a year ago: 

Haddie used to crawl under the bar stools and wedge herself under the kitchen table while we were eating - or when were weren't eating.  I remember when she started pulling herself up under the table I was concerned she'd crush her head!  

This was the first time (or close to the first) that we pulled her high chair up to the table and she officially joined us for dinner.   See that foot?  She still does that. 

She's still obsessed with the fridge and it's contents.  I swear if I left the door open she'd play in their all the time.  I do not look forward to the day she realizes she can open the door by herself.  

Last January Haddie had a very flaky scalp.  I would lube it up with vaseline for about an hour before bath for a few nights.   Oh- we just found that toy cell phone.  She lost it a long time ago- it was in the car under a seat. 

Enough said.  

Here's our Hizzy now.

With her teacher Ms. Anna

Let's see what Miss Hizzy has been up to: 

At school on Tuesday the kids were asked to do a matching activity with colored mittens.  Guess what? Our little Hizzy got them all right!  She's a smart little girl. 

She is really into trying to dress herself.  She will pull out my tank tops and pile them on her head.  She will take Jack's shorts and put them on.  Tonight she put her shirt on her legs and pulled it up over her waist.  She can actually get her own shoes on at times - depends what pair.   She is showing signs of being very, very independent.   She also loves to take her shoes off.  Today I picked her up from child watch at the Y and they handed me her shoes and socks!  Yuck.

But… when she's frustrated because she can't do it on her own (whatever that may be) she screams out "HELP YOU!!!"   I say to her often "Do you want mommy to help you?"  Most of the time it's met with a resounding "NO!!"  But then when she wants the help (on her terms) she will holler for it!

Another thing she is BIG into these days is changing her babies diapers.  She pulls out the changing mat I have downstairs and the bucket of diapers and wipes and will spend a good bit of time lying her babies down and changing them with her own diapers.  She will even bring me the diaper and scrunch her face up, say 'poopy flush' and then dump the 'poop' from her babies diaper in the toilet, flush it and throw it in the trash.  So damn cute. 

For some reason she's been deathly afraid of the bath this last week.  A couple of times she accidentally hit the shower knob and cold water from the shower fell on her.  Last weekend she was PETRIFIED of the shower.  Like heart beating fast, screaming no over and over….  Pitiful.  I've had to sit in the tub (well- on the edge) this entire week.  I am happy to say that tonight she went right into the tub with no crying but still wanted me to sit on the edge with my feet in the water.  I will take it.  

Hadley has also been very, very clingy to me and Todd if he's home.  Seems we can't cook dinner or much else without her under out feet, wining about something.  It's a bit frustrating at times when I am home alone but I know it's a short phase.   She's definitely going through a separation anxiety phase.  If I leave the room she hollers for me and God forbid I go the restroom alone.  She's right there tearing toilet paper for me.  She goes to her teacher and the ladies at the Y just fine though- thankfully. 

A list of things she loves right now: 

milk in her bottle
apple juice in a box
chicken nuggets
cheese sticks (whole)
scrambled eggs
reading books
being outside
playing with Jack and Riley
saying "no"
her lovie
Curious George
Peppa the Pig
playing in my car
her teacher
jumping on Calvin's trampoline

A list of things she doesn't love so much right now: 

milk in a cup
people helping her
sitting at the dinner table in her booster seat- strapped in
her stroller (at the store - she prefers walking)
most vegetables - well - make that ALL vegetables
putting her jacket on
being alone

That's about it for now!!
Like I say to her all the time… "I love my Hizzy."

Until next time...

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