Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well- another fun night planned with friends and another fun night cancelled due to illness.  
This make three out of the last four weekend nights that we've had plans with various friends that were cancelled because of illness.  
So much flu, pneumonia, stomach bug etc… going around.  
Several of us have stuffy noses and Haddie's cough sounds like it's coming back around but so far we've escaped the big stuff.  

So - while Todd works on his basement the kids and I are watching Elf.  We love this movie and I am so glad we found the time to watch it this year.  

This past week was a whirlwind filled with class parties, cruising around looking at Xmas lights, volleyball, a visit from Pop Pop, last minute shopping and wrapping, the end of flag football, playdates, baseball workouts and Daddy working every night late.   Thank goodness Paa Paa came to my rescue and helped out for a couple days.  

Speaking of volleyball - I went to Riley's game today.  Apparently last weeks game was a disaster.  But they won today 2-0.  It's best of three.  It was fun to watch and the girls had some great volleying going on.   Ri is going to practice her serve over the break and be ready to go after the holiday break.  

And I found these beauties on my computer.  I can't believe how much our Hizzy has changed in a year. 
Her hair is so incredibly dark here - but you can see those blond highlights coming thru.  

Seriously- those rolls kill me.  I can't stand the cuteness.  

Until next time….

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