Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hizzy Update

Oh my little Hizzy.  You are a few days away from being 20 months.  Soon enough we won't say your age aloud in months, but years.  It's quite unreal to me how fast time is flying.

As you get older there are many things that get easier with you.  But - there are also things that get harder with you.   You have brought new meaning to Beastmode Hadley lately. 

Every. Single. Thing. you do must be done by yourself.   
Eating, brushing your teeth, climbing in the car, etc… you do on your own most of the time.   
You walk down the halls of the preschool dragging your adorable book bag behind you like nobody's business.  All the mommies crack up at you when they see you walking down the hallway with a mission.
You like to feed yourself.  You try to put your socks and shoes on.  And you try really hard to get your own jacket on.   
Forget about shopping.   Unless we're at the grocery store with a cart that has steering wheels you like to walk.  That's not a whole lot of fun at Target or the mall.  

You're talking so much more.  Just tonight as we read books you were trying to have a conversation with me.   I understood some of the words as you chatted away but a lot of it was jibber jabber - but you sure acted like you were talking.   
You understand absolutely everything we say to you.   The words may not come out of your mouth as much as I'd like but you certainly understand what we say.  
The cutest thing you are saying lately is "po" for open.  It's clear that you want something open when you say "po."  Totally reminds me of Jack when he used to say "pu" for cup.  

You're eating habits are horrendous.  You'd snack your way through the day if I let you - with a few bottles of milk along the way. 
Yes- you still drink milk out of a bottle. 
Guess I should work on that.  After Christmas!  
You do enjoy pasta with meatballs, spaghetti, bites of my salads, cucumbers, carrots, chips, cheese, bananas and crackers.  

You love to stand on Daddy's old Ball State stool in our bathroom and brush your teeth.  This usually means playing in the water and making a mess but you love it.  This is normally where I do your hair in the mornings.  
You also love to 'do the dishes.'  Again- this is a hot mess of water everywhere but you love it so I let you do it once in a while.  

You love to stand in the bath tub and play with the water while it's running.  This may be your favorite thing to do.  Something about water lately.  You're doing swim lessons in the spring so hopefully you'll like those too.  

Let's see- here is a list of other stuff going on that I want to remember: 

You love being outside with Jack and Riley.  You enjoy playing 'soccer' and 'down, set, hike' with the big kids and their friends - especially Calvin.  He's so sweet to you and you get very excited when he's around.  
You love the slide and swing in the backyard.  You climb up by yourself and slide down all alone.   

You have your 4th ear infection right now.  About a month ago you had a little one but this one is a biggie.  It's so hard to tell when you have one- you've been sleeping like a rock star this week - until at least 7:30 every day and good naps.  

Your trip to the pediatrician this week was the very first time you didn't cry or flip out.  You stepped on the scale like a big girl (26 lbs- whew), and didn't cry when Dr. Reynolds checked out your ears.  Big girl!  I was super proud of you.  

I could go on and on about how much fun you are right now. But you're tough too- always into something.  Opening every drawer and cabinet - it's exhausting at times but so worth it. 

I love you so much my sweet Hizzy!! 

Until next time….

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