Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Week full of randoms…

Soccer ends this week.  Ri's team is playing in a Rec Cup Tournament.  Two games Saturday and one game Sunday.  It's their first tournament experience so it should be fun. 

Lacrosse also ends this Sunday.  
Last week her team scrimmaged and Ri played the best she has all season.  It was fun to watch her defend the right way and catch quite a few balls that were passed to her.  She's come a long way in a short season.  I look forward to the spring season. 

Indoor soccer starts this weekend - Jack has a game Saturday at 5:15.  It'll be his first ever organized soccer game with a team.  Wish I could be there to see it.  Next time.  

I think winter practice for baseball starts next week - not really sure how we're going to fit that in but we'll figure it out.  

Flag football starts this week.  Practice Wednesday and Friday night.  And next week Monday, Wednesday and Friday night practice as well.  Jack missed the first practice last night because my friend Kim and I took the boys to Great Wolfe Lodge.   

We surprised the boys back in September with this trip since our boys turned 11 two days apart.   Of course they brought Matthew along for the ride.  
Those three boys had a blast!  Kim and I enjoyed ourselves as well.  
Todd brought Riley up for a few hours last night and we enjoyed riding the water slides with her. 

Blurry pic but you get the point. 

Love this clip.  The boys did this over and over again.  So much fun.  

Hizzy was in the thick of it this afternoon while the kids played soccer with friends.  It's so much fun watching her interact with the big kids.  

Daddy and his girls tonight- snuggling in the playroom.  

Playing 'stinky feet' with Daddy!

Until next time….

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