Monday, November 17, 2014

Odd and Ends

Well- tomorrow Mother Nature is predicting a high of 39 degrees.  And Jack has his first flag football game tomorrow night.  Brrrrr.   Thank goodness we have a sitter coming for the little ladies. 

Haddie has become quite the independent little thing (I know it's shocking!)…. 
She climbs up the play set all by herself and then goes down the slide all by herself. 
Sweet thing….

Riley's team had their soccer party last week.  What a sweet group of ladies.  
I hope they get to play together in the spring.  

Hizzy and I went to South Park Mall last Friday. 
I was able to keep her contained in her stroller for about a half an hour while I found a few things for myself but then it was a free for all. 
We sat in a booth together and ate lunch in the Food Court and then we walked all over the mall. 
I tried to get a cute picture of her in front of the big Christmas tree - no chance.  

Todd picked Riley up from school Friday as a special treat and they headed to Lowes to buy a fire pit.  
Needless to say the kids were obsessed all weekend with fires.  We had neighbors over last minute Friday night for pizza, beers and fire pit.  Saturday AM Jack headed out back and started the fire up again bright and early.  

I'm sure this coming weekend will bring more fire pit fun!

Until next time…..

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