Monday, August 18, 2014

Longgg Day

So - totally need to write more.  I've been pretty slack.  
I really enjoy writing and it relaxes me but I seem to forget at night to sit down and do it…. 
I need to get better! 
Day from hell today and my mind feels like it's going to explode so who knows if what I write will make sense.
My day from hell started last night… around 10:00 Hadley woke up right when I was falling asleep. 
She fussed on and off until midnight.  I gave her some Motrin and off to sleep she went. 

Then Jack came in at 2:00 needing a breathing treatment.  His chest has been a bit tight but nothing major.  When he gets coughing he needs a treatment to loosen it up. 
Just so happened it was at 2:00 in the AM.  

And then Haddie was up at 6:10…. Todd did get up with her but I never fell back asleep!

So… waking up cranky and tired I had to call the DR right at 8:00 to get Jack and Had in.  Jack has an infected nail bed and Haddie has a full body rash.  UGH!
Can't see our DR b/c he's booked all day so we have to see a PA.  That's never ever happened in 10 years.  
Haddie HATES the DR… HATES it so she was a real peach.  The PA was running behind, Jack and Ri were complaining like crazy and Had was crying on and off.  I felt like punching someone!  :)--

Both kids were given antibiotics and we were off to CVS - after a pit stop at Starbucks. 
Jack's meds were ready - Had's?  Nope.  Not even sent to CVS.  More waiting.  More annoyance.  

We came home for lunch and then big kids went off to swim at the neighbors.  I put Haddie down at 12 for her only nap of the day.  I figured she'd be out for at least a couple of hours.  
Nope- after an hour she was up crying and crying.  I let her fuss for a while but she wasn't having it. 

Then we head back out for a baseball lesson, grab dinner and back home for Ri's math tutoring. 


I am exhausted.  

But the day ended on a high note.   We have a sneaky way of finding out our kids teachers.  We can log into the kids lunch accounts and see their teachers.   They must be in the middle of uploading through the night tonight because Jack's teacher has been posted but not Ri's.  Jack is super excited to have Mrs. Williams- I am as well.  Now we're hoping to get Ri a good teacher.  


A couple of cute pics from this weekend.  

Just a little beach time in between rain showers.  

Had loves to wedge herself into tight spaces… especially under/behind chairs.  This was lunch on saturday. 

King of the hill!

Until next time….

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