Monday, June 9, 2014

A Recital and Goodbyes

Two more days until school's out!
The kids are so ready to be done.
Me?  It's bittersweet. 
I adore Jacks' teachers this year more than any other year he's ever had.  
They've both pushed him beyond anything I expected. 
He's matured in and out of the classroom and I'm super proud of his hard work. 
All of that hard work paid off and he easily placed into AIG reading for next year.  
In fact- he automatically qualified after retaking an aptitude test that he did horrible on last year. 
He scored in the 98% this year - huge change! 
I guess that one year of growth helped him.  

Lots of class parties the last few days.  
Here's his AIG party with Mrs. Schilling.  She has two classes and they combined for the party. 

Here's Jack and his buddies being silly today after their class party. 
The two on the ends he's become great friends with this year. 
The little boy in the Red Sox shirt he's been friends with since kindergarten. 
Great kids.  I hope they're together next year. 

Riley class performed a Reader's Theater.  
It was ok.  I would have liked to see a class party with treats and games and the parents involved but her teacher wasn't a big fan of parents this year.  
Let's hope next year her teacher likes parents. 

Ri's recital was this past weekend. 
The girls did great. 
Here she is with Addy, Sydney and Lexie. 
These four have had some great times together this year. 

Ri had two dances- a hip hop dance and an acro dance (tumbling etc…)  
She loved it and did a nice job. 

Three of my four loves!  Had was snoozing. 

Until next time….

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