Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend of Fun

Weekends fly by.  
By Wednesday each week I start to look forward to the weekends….
Daddy's home. 
Kids are playing sports or doing fun things. 
Family time.
Adult time.
I love the weekends. 
This past weekend was a nice one.  

Jack played in a one day tournament.  His team went 1-1 - losing the first game by a TON but coming back in the second game and playing great. 

Ri played her last soccer game.  Daddy took her so I have no pics.  Jack and Ri played at the same time.  I hate when that happens but it's inevitable when both are playing almost every weekend for two plus months.  We just make it work. 

Sunday was Mother's Day!
What a great day. 
Todd made homemade waffles and then we headed to a local farm for strawberry picking.  It was so much fun and the kids HOUSED the strawberries.  Jack even ate some - shocking!  

Todd made a yummy dinner last night after we spent the afternoon outside hanging with the kids. 
Just what I wanted!  Some nice family time. 

This is too funny not to share….  

Until next time….

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