Tuesday, January 28, 2014

While We Were Gone

 While we were gone Boomer stayed back with Paa Paa and Gammy and Poppy.

I hear she bonded with her Poppy and I think he really enjoyed it. 

She did well with her Grandparents and even made a trip to see her Great Grandma down in Columbia with Paa Paa.   Paa Paa took care of Hadley by herself for three days - what a trooper!  

I missed her like crazy but honestly I would not have enjoyed my vacation as much.

She's been up to her usual tricks since we came home:  getting into the cook books, eating dog food, emptying the bottom shelf of the pantry, eating shoes, pushing buttons on the electronics. 
You know- her normal daily activities.  :)

Here's a trail Boomer left a couple of days ago: 

Until next time….

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