Thursday, December 26, 2013

Twas the Night after Christmas

Twas the Night after Christmas
and all through the house
Many creatures are stirring 
but some lounge on the couch.

Leftovers fill the fridge
but out to lunch we went
for cooking and cleaning no one felt like doing…
everyone was spent.

Poppy's been sick 
and now his younger son is too
let's hope he keeps it to himself
so our house doesn't suffer from round two. 

Hadley's been smiling and happy
all through the day
but come nighttime she's grumpy and 
just wants mommy to stay. 

The big kids ventured north 
for the rope course and laser tag
but sadly Daddy didn't feel too good-
almost needing an air sickness bag. 

The pizza's been ordered and
Gammy's playing UNO attack
with Jack, Riley, Ava and Emma
while Hadley's in the sack. 

Christmas has been fun
and an adventure all the same
until next year 
we'll do it all aGAIN. 

A few videos of the last couple of days: 

Until next time….

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