Monday, December 9, 2013

Eight Months

Just a mere month ago you had no teeth, weren't crawling, had never been to the DR for sick visit, eaten grilled cheese or had the tummy flu. 

Well- you can now check those things off your list!  

My sweet girl you are eight months old today!   2/3 of a year.  You've been out of my tummy almost as long as you were in my tummy. 
And I cannot believe how fast you are changing.  It's hard to recall you sitting in a bouncy seat and sleeping all the time. 

Now you spend most of your time exploring. 
No more pillow behind you anymore.  You are on the go.  
In fact- you don't use your saucer much either - only when mommy needs to confine you so I can get something done!  
You hang out in the kitchen with me while I cook - crawling all over the floor, playing with empty cups and tupperware bowls. 
You love to play with the kitchen chairs. 
Just yesterday you were under the table pushing a chair back and forth over and over again. 

You are all over the place.  This past month you went from rocking on all fours to crawling from one side of the room to the other with ease. 
I have even seen you up on your knees against the couch. 

You also love to stick your booty up in the air like this: 

Someone else used to do that too…..

Miss Tracy took some fun Christmas pics of you a couple of weeks ago.  
I love your facial expressions. 
And your hair- it's getting really long and often in your face if I don't put it up. 

I could have sworn you had an ear infection last week.  You kept batting at your left ear like it was bothering you.  We went to see Dr. Marc for the first time for a sick visit.  
No ear infection. 
Just a snotty nose and four more teeth coming in.  
Speaking of teeth- you have two on the bottom, two on the top and two more on the top ready to come in soon. 

You haven't been into baby food quite as much as you used to be. 
You will eat it great one day and not so great the next. 
You prefer to feed yourself finger foods. 
You love Cheerios, fruit puffs, fruit and veggie melts and drinking water from a sippy cup. 
I have made you grilled cheese and you have eaten peas, pita bread, saltines, Ritz crackers and some butter noodles.  

You spit up all the time. 
You're constantly leaving little puddles of grossness on the floor while you explore. 
I'm a tad concerned why it's so much all of a sudden but it doesn't seem to bother you and you're  not fussy so I am not going to worry too much. 

And just for giggles- here is Jack at eight months.

And your sister, Riley. 

You are such a happy baby, always smiling, always giggling. 
Riley loves to make you laugh and she will get you in hysterics. 

Your 'official' 8 month picture with your sticker. 
As you can see the sticker didn't really make it on to your clothes. 
You ripped it right off and stuffed it in your mouth - just like everything else!

Love you sweet girl!  
More than you know. 

Until next time….

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