Sunday, October 27, 2013


What a great weekend of baseball to end the season. 

A little background on Jack's team. 
This fall is the first time most of these boys have played together.
Several of them are 9U players and will play 9U in the spring so they're younger. 
Several of Jack's buddies were on the other 10U team this  fall so Jack was a bit bummed to not be with them on the black team. 
But... his coaches felt he was best on the orange team to develop more at shortstop and pitch more. 

He did just that.  
He played most of the games at shortstop and the other games he split time at center field and pitcher.  
I'm super proud of how far he came this fall.  He played well and was much more aggressive at the plate. 

So - this weekend. 
Saturday their scrappy little team went 0-2.   None of the boys were hitting and the pitching was so-so. 
Today though was a different story. 
They won both games to win the championship for the silver bracket.  
These boys won in convincing fashion and Jack was at his best at shortstop and on the mound. 
It was really nice to end the season on a high note. 

The girls were troopers.  
On Saturday we watched the 1st part of Jack's game and then scooted over to Ri's soccer game with Gammy and Poppy.  She played for a little bit and then we headed back to S.C. for Jack's 2nd game. 
Today we were gone from 10:15 - 5:00. 
Luckily Ri has some friends to run around with and Hadley- well she was a serious trooper.  
She got a huge nap in this AM before we left and then snoozed for a bit in her stroller at some point this afternoon.  
She was such a good girl today. 
If she could just quit waking up once a night she'd be almost a perfect baby! 

This pic is worth sharing on here because it was such a sweet moment. 
Last week Jack was working on his reading response on the floor in the TV room. 
Hadley was on the floor playing and scooted and rolled her way over to where her brother was. 
She is enamored with Jack and Riley and seriously lights up when they come near her or pay her any bit of attention. 
It's so much fun to watch. 

Until next time...

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