Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Party in the U.S.A.

In honor of Halloween, Hadley ate some pumpkin yesterday and LOVED IT!

We carved pumpkins Monday night and Todd boiled and roasted the seeds. 
No pics of the finished product. 

Boo Boo has been making these hilarious faces lately. 
I finally caught one on camera this week. 

Years ago, when Miley Cyrus wasn't a piece of trash, she had this catchy song called "Party in the U.S.A"  It was super cute and easy to sing along to. 

Kinda reminds me of my days home alone with Hadley.  
Just kidding. 
We do have our own kind of fun though. 
I love sitting on the floor with her while she rolls, scoots, stretches, plays, 'talks,' and makes silly faces at me.  

Until next time....

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