Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Evening Adventure

This blog is 99% about the our three children - 
this past Friday night Todd and I finally got out of the house without kids and had a blast. 
It's definitely something I want to remember (since Todd was beside himself when I told him what we were doing.)

A few weeks back a good friend of mine bought a Groupon to try out this new place called Tipsy Paintbrush. 
Basically - you are taking a painting lesson and everyone is painting the same 'picture' but you can interpret it any way you want. 
Everyone brings wine and/or beer and I knew since it involved booze Todd would survive. 

Well- he survived and also had a great time.  Especially with happy hour before hand and drinks around the fire after hand. 

One of the guys brought a pack of silly mustaches (no clue why) and the guys had a blast with them. 
I texted Todd's parents a pic of Todd painting since I knew they would get a kick out of it and his Dad said it looked like a tooth with a cavity.  Hysterical - since it's really the back side of an angel.   

My interpretation.   I gave it to Ri to hang in her room if she wishes.  

The six of us after our 'master pieces' were finished. 

We're already looking for our next fun night out. 
Someone mentioned paintball - somehow this sounds right up the guys alley this time. 

Until next time...

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