Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seven Years Old

Happy Birthday sweet girl. 
You are seven years old today!

I can't believe this is you at one month old. 

And here you are at about 3 months old. 


My how you have grown. 

This past year was a big year for you.  Possibly the biggest year yet. 
You started and finished kindergarten. 
You absolutely loved it. 
Your teacher, Ms. Danson, loved you to pieces and called you 'her little chief.'
Your reading took off from basic short vowel sight words a year ago to reading beginner chapter books right now. 

You lost four teeth this year. 
Although losing them proved to be quite traumatic at times. 
You don't like to wiggle your teeth, preferring to let them dangle for days or weeks at a time. 

You played lacrosse for the first time.  It was just a clinic but you enjoyed it. 
You are itching to play soccer so we signed you up for the fall. 
I hope you like it. 

Probably the biggest change this year is becoming a big sister. 
You love her so very much. 
I look forward to watching your relationship with Hadley grow as you both get older. 

 This past year was a great year for you. 
I hope this next year is just as wonderful. 

I love you sweet girl. 

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