Monday, June 24, 2013


This is the adorable house we rented this week. 
It's so cute and literally, right on the water. 

This AM - the kids were out playing in the water by 8:30 or so. 
They didn't come in from the water until 5:00 - with the exception of snacks and lunch. 
The big boys took the big kids kayaking - with a pit stop for ice cream. 
The little girls played on the big raft ALL DAY LONG.  
Addy would jump off, swim to the dock and jump back on once Riley pulled the rope enough to be close to the dock.  
Hadley was a grump today.  Of course she was because yesterday she was perfect. 
Oh well - can't expect too much from an 11 week old baby. 

I overheard Riley and Addy talking as they were lying on their backs on the raft, heads leaned into the water.  Ri says: "Addy - have you ever had a moment like this?"
Addy responded no. 
I asked Ri later what she thinks a 'moment' is and she said "it's the very best thing that's ever happened to you."
Suffice to say she's having a great time. 

Hoping the kids will be in bed before 10:30 or 11:00 tonight like they have the last few nights.  

Silly kids. 

The raft they spend so much time on. 

Love my handsome little man!

And my big man!

The boat ride yesterday was a bust.  As soon as they headed out the thunder rolled in. 

Miss Priss enjoying some time outside while the big kids swam.

Until next time....

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