Sunday, May 12, 2013


My first Mother's Day of three children. 
I didn't really think about it that way until I got a text from my neighbor reminding me! 

We've had a great day. 
I slept a few extra hours, went out to breakfast, grocery shopped alone :)), went for a nice walk, took a cat nap w/ Hadley on my chest, and enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Todd. 
A perfect day. 

The kids even busted out the tubs and filled them with water and splashed around. 
It's not quite warm enough for that and they only lasted a few minutes but they had fun during those few minutes. 

We went out with friends last night to eat dinner and listen to music outdoors and Miss Hadley slept for four hours!  I had to wake her to feed her before we left.  She then proceeded to sleep another four hours after she went to bed last night.   Her nights have been great - she definitely sleeps through the feedings. 

Here's some more pics from this past week: 

Until next time....

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