Saturday, April 6, 2013


It's all about the numbers for me now. 
Two more full days before Hadley arrives. 
Three more wake-ups.
One more school day.
Three more sleeps. 
One more Sunday.

You get the picture....

Tuesday, April 9th is almost here!

I am in countdown mode. 
I can't sleep.
And it's not because I am uncomfortable.  I have no less 8 pillows surrounding me to aid in my comfort at night. 
I think it's just pure excitement. 
Or nervousness.
Or a little of both. 
Todd's been up by 6:00 a.m. all week - even when the kids were at the beach. 
He's anxious. 

It will all be fine. 
That's what I keep telling myself. 
Many women have lots of babies - lots more than we have - and some have multiples at the same time. 
They can all do it!
Let's just hope Miss Hadley Mae is a flexible baby and rolls with it. 
I've been preparing myself emotionally the last few months to be better at 'rolling with it.'

Now- that's not to say I still won't like clean counters and floors - but - I'm going to have to NOT sweat the small stuff. 

This weekend is by far the most gorgeous weekend we've had in months. 
The kids have been outside all day long and are playing with neighbors now. 

Here's Jack trying to be tricky with the basketball hoop. 

Poor Todd. 
He's been planting flowers and doing all of my dirty work lately!
He's been a trooper and I am so thankful for it. 

Three more days until we meet our sweet baby girl!
I cannot wait. 

Until next time...

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