Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phone Dump

Almost seven years ago when Riley was born I had a flip phone. 
I didn't text. 
There was no Facebook. 
No Twitter. 
No Instagram.
This blog didn't exist quite yet.

And I had a point a shoot camera.

Today is much different. 
I have my phone with me most of the time and it's so easy to whip it out and take pics and video of the kids. 
And especially now of Hadley. 

So I find myself taking tons of iPhone pics. 
It's so much easier than busting out the big camera, figuring out lighting, etc....

So it's time for a photo dump. 

Right after Hadley's first bath!

Just chilling on my lap!

She looks like such a chunk in this picture.

I love love love when she sleeps on my chest.  She can crank out a few hours at a time this way. 

An after school clothing change :)-  Interesting. 

Ri LOVES to hold her sister and is super gentle with her. 

Daddy pulling double duty - work call and holding Miss Prissy. 


Snuggling the other night before bed while the boys were at baseball. 

Jack's team celebrating a big win!   The boys played great this past weekend.  Although they lost two games - they did so in the bottom of the 6th against a pretty good team and Jack played great. 

Trying to feed Hadley in the car in between games - she had other ideas. 

My little snuggle muffin. 

Guess who lost another tooth!   That makes four. 

Jack getting some snuggle time right after a long day at the baseball field on Sunday!  He missed her.

Until next time....

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