Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

So we are adjusting to a family of 5. 
Hadley does nothing but eat and sleep... with a couple of hours a day of awake time. 
I am soaking up every single minute I can with her while she's so young and tiny- just a tad under 7 pounds now.   
We are getting a decent stretch at night - as long as she's super close to me. 
I don't mind.  It's only temporary and so short-lived.  

Riley continues to love on her tons and tons and enjoys holding her every second she can get. 
Jack pays attention to her in fleeting moments. 
At times it's like he doesn't have another sister - at other times he gets emotional and wants to be close to her. 
We're lucky to have Daddy home from work this week and then back up arrives from the Grandma's the next two weeks. 

Here are some fun shots I took of my sweet little girl this AM! 

Until next time...

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