Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 29

Week 29 in the books as of tonight.
3/4 of the way done.
That means 1/4 left.

Here's my 29 week pic: 
(Brought to you by the iPhone and Riley). 
I am going to have my very talented neighbor take some maternity pics of me soon so I will have at least one decent picture of me pregnant with Miss Priss #2. 

According to Baby Center I am probably having mood swings right now. 
That's funny b/c I do feel very emotional lately.
I guess it's normal but I am working hard on my patience with Jack and Riley and not freaking out when Riley plows through the babies drawers, opening packages of this and that. 
She needs to be a part of the experience. 

In fact- yesterday she took her American Girl Bitty Baby and fed it (water) with a real bottle and put it to sleep in this cradle thing we were given. 
This afternoon we had to feed her baby again and this time I had to put it to sleep. 
I guess she's practicing!

Miss Priss # 2 weighs about 3 pounds right now and is over 15 1/2 inches long!  
She has 10 more weeks to gain 4-5 pounds and about 5 more inches~  
Keep growing baby girl. 
Her room is just about ready - we need to hang the curtains and put one more quote on the wall that just came in the mail and then we're set on the room decor. 

I had my regular DR check up this AM and everything looks great.  
I am thankful I called the nurse a couple of weeks ago about my heartburn and overuse of Tums b/c apparently you can overdose on Tums and it can affect the kidney's function.
Who knew?
Prevacid has been a dream and I cannot believe I didn't take it with the other two. 
I am now down to every two weeks of DR visits. 

I am so excited for Hadley to be here. 
I am excited for Jack and Riley to have another sibling. 
Life is going to get crazy in the Milligan household - or a little more crazy than it already is - but we're all excited and it's all for a great reason!

Until next time...

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