Monday, February 11, 2013

30 Weeks

As of tomorrow we are officially in the 'single digits' for weeks left until we meet our sweet baby girl!
Two months from this Saturday is my due date. 
That means as of Saturday I will be eight months pregnant. 

We went to brunch yesterday and I had to wear something other than sweats or jeans. 

My handy dandy trusty photographer, Riley, took my weekly pic once again. 

Hadley weighs over three pounds now. 
According to my Baby Center update she 'may be keeping my up at night from her kicking.'
She doesn't keep me up from her kicking - not yet - but she has given me lots of insomnia. 
I guess I am getting ready for the lack of sleep I will have in the months to come.  

Hadley's room is just about ready. 
Her baby shower is in two weeks and then I will know what I still need. 
The two main things I need still are a video monitor and infant car seat! 
Can't leave the hospital w/o the car seat.
Still plenty of time for that though. 

I've been feeling pretty good. 
I am definitely in that uncomfortable stage.
Bending over to pick things up is not quite as easy. 
Tying shoes is not as easy.
Walking up stairs and hills (tried that today) makes me a bit winded. 

The next few weeks are packed with school stuff, house guests, baby showers and baseball starting up.  
They will fly by and before we know it we'll be a month or so away from meeting our sweet pea!
I can't wait. 

Until next time...

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