Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 26

Week 26 comes to an end today.
One more week until I 'officially' start my last trimester. 

I am currently sitting in the waiting room of the DR's office doing my three-hour glucose diagnostic testing.
The sugary drink wasn't too bad- just a bit more sugary that last Monday's.
The waiting room chairs are not the coziest but they'll have to do. 

Little Miss Priss is bouncing away in my belly right now. 
I am watching her move as I type this.  
Must have been all of that sugar I just drank. 

So our little girl weights about 2 pounds right now. 
She's fully developed, except for her lungs. 
She can suck her fingers, open her eyes and hear us talking. 

I wonder if she has dark hair.
I wonder if she'll come out with a TON of hair like her sister. 
(If the amount of heartburn I am having is any indication she may just come out looking like a hairy beast).  
I wonder how the kids are going to be. 
Jack already says I spend more time w/ Riley than him.
Need to work on that. 
But he spends WAAYYY more time with his Dad that Riley does. 
Guess we need to work on that too. 

I am going to go out on a limb here and say our sweet little girls name is going to be Hadley May Milligan. 
Todd has veto power on names and he likes Hadley and has yet to come up w/ one suggestion for a girl name so I do believe Hadley it is! 
I really do love the name Hadley.
It's unique and I can't wait to kiss her sweet cheeks.  

I've been feeling pretty good.
Nothing major to complain about. 
Cramps, heartburn and general discomfort are to be expected this far along in pregnancies. 
I'm just glad I won't be ever, ever doing this again.  

Photo courtesy of Riley Milligan via my cell phone :).  

Until next time...

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