Sunday, December 9, 2012


Twenty one weeks almost in the books. 
According to this week "I may experience acne due to an increased production of oil in my body."
Uhhh- yeah.
If you look closely at my forehead in this lovely picture Riley took w/ my cellphone you will see a few red polka dots.  

On Saturday Riley and I walked around Buy Buy Baby together. 
It was actually kind of fun.
I wanted to 'test drive' the stroller I plan on buying for this little girl. 
We walked around and looked at baby monitors, pack-n-plays, changing tables and all sorts of things. 
It's amazing how much has changed since Riley was tiny.
I had my eye on lots of cute things. 

I have a checkup this Friday and I anticipate everything will be fine. 
She moves ALL the time, with some kicks stronger than others. 
She's about the length of a carrot now, according to my BabyCenter email updates. 
I wonder what vegetable they will compare her to next week :)- 

My friend Victoria brought me a bag of baby toys, plastic bowls and sippy cups a few days ago.
That bag ended up in Riley's room, all over the floor.
She's OCD about the baby goodies. 
I can't wait to take her to the baby shower in February.  She'll be so excited. 

Until next time...

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