Friday, August 31, 2012

One Down

Week One of the 2012-2013 school year is just about in the books. 
Jack loves his teacher and has had a great week.
None of his buddies from years past are in his class this year but they all meet on the playground for their daily game of football. 
I see a flicker of light of responsibility forming for Jack.
The other night, after being in bed for a few minutes, he slithers back down the stairs and says, 
"Mom- did you sign my agenda and check my take-home folder?"
Of course I signed his agenda but it wasn't during our normal 'after school/during snack routine' since he was at the neighbors after school. 
I'm liking this new 'responsible' Jack - it's about time.  
Hopefully it will stick. 

Riley is so excited to go full time starting Tuesday.
We were up at the school a few times this week and she saw her teacher and was super excited. 
I'm ready for her to be in a routine. 
Right now she's playing FunBrain games on the computer.... we need school!!

Jack is loving his new baseball team. 
We miss our friends at MARA but we are so happy we made the switch.  
Jack is finally playing with kids who know what they're doing. 
And we don't have to wait until the summertime for that to anymore. 
No more kids twirling around like knuckleheads in the outfield!  
His first tournament is next weekend.  I can't wait to see these boys in action. 

Ri started tumbling this past week. 
She enjoys it. 

Life is slowly but surely getting back into a routine and I like that!
We're off for one more trip to the beach this weekend.  

Until next time....

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