Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bop It and More

A couple of years ago we were with friends who had this game called Bop It. 
We played it over and over again and the kids had a blast with it. 
We bought it- the kids played it for a while and then it sat on the game shelf in the playroom closet and collected dust, like most of our games.
(Shame on me for not pulling those games out more...)

That is until the other day.
They've been Boppin' It all over the house.
It's funny to watch them pass it back and forth. 

Only one more week of summer vacation for Jack.
Riley pretty much has two more weeks. 
Lots going on next week but we'll try to squeeze in one or two more pool trips.
We're hoping for a trip to the beach for Labor Day weekend - if baseball doesn't get in the way. 

Until next time...

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