Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Phone Dump

Time for another phone dump. 
Seems that I take many more photos on my phone of Riley than I do of Jack.
Probably because she asks to be photographed ALL the time. 

"Mom- take a picture of me doing XYZ 123!"
"Mom- video tape me doing XYZ 123!"

Ri is obsessed with hula hooping.  She can start on her knees and stand up without stopping.  So fun to see her practice ALL time time. 

I was rear ended a couple of weeks ago.  Within three days I had 31 (yes, 31) pieces of mail from lawyers.  Craziness. 

Jack and his buddy Jeremy hanging in the hammock watching the big boys play baseball. 

I made tabouli the other day.  We have and endless amount of parsley growing in the garden.  I love this salad.

Lunch with the girls.  They went to a PTO meeting with me last week and were rewarded with Smashburger for lunch. 

Datenight wine.  We went to and Indian restaurant for our 10 year anniversary.  DELICIOUS... 

Recital time!  Ready to go. 

Monday was 'Pamper Riley Day."  She got a mani/pedi and had her hair cut.  She'd rather do those two things than go to the toy store. 

After her hair cut and mani/pedi.  See the flower on the thumb?  Girl knows what she likes. 

My third child had his hair cut.  Well- had his hair shaved.  His fur was so matted though it really needed it. 

Until next time...

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