Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Weekend List

What a busy few days.
Riley's first swim lesson of the spring was Thursday.
She has asked me no less than 20 times since then- "When is my next lesson?"
I guess she loves it. 
Jack played last Thursday.
Daddy Breakfast at preschool for Riley and Todd on Friday.
She brought home a cute paining of Todd with a list of his favorites, according to Riley.
According to Riley: 
Todd's have food is strawberries (not). 
His favorite thing to do is work (not).
On the weekends he likes to play catch with Jack (yep).
Ri loves it most when he plays with her. :))
Minor League baseball game Friday night.
Jack ran into buddies from baseball and spent his entire time with them, not us. 
Addy's JDRF Walk for a Cure walk at Carowinds Saturday.
I ran my first 5K.
And then proceeded to turn around and walk most of it.
Legs are sore today.
Jack's team played yesterday and won a thriller in extra innings.
It was awesome.
Jack made some rockstar plays.
He also struck out once- first time all season.
Hopefully the last. 
Baseball tournament cancelled today b/c of rain.
We hosted an impromptu party for a couple of baseball families.
The kids had a blast. 
And we did too! 

These are the only pics I took this weekend.
And from my phone, nonetheless. 

Until next time...

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