Friday, April 13, 2012

Bronco Babe

After a couple of rain outs and a long spring break lay-off Riley finally had her first game last night.
She's a Bronco this spring.
A mighty good Bronco.
She LOVES t-ball.
She really knows what she's doing now (in the t-ball world at least).

But- the majority of her teammates have NO friggin' clue what they're doing.
Most of the girls on her team would prefer to swirl their hands in the dirt instead of paying attention to the game.
Like Todd says: "It's like watching paint dry."

But- Riley loves it. She's having a blast and that's makes it enjoyable for me.

Here she is in her Bronco finest.

She made an out by herself at third and made an out at first! She was very proud of herself.

Looking at this picture is so bittersweet.
She's so grown up....
She's gotten to tall and thin.
And she's a mere few months away from kindergarten!

Until next time...

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