Saturday, October 1, 2011

Terrific Kid

Jack was selected as a Terrific Kid for the month of September in his class.
Each month our elementary school 'studies' character traits and a student is chosen from each class that exemplifies that trait.
September's trait was 'Knowledge.'
So fitting for Mr. Smarty Pants.
We celebrated with a little breakfast and a small ceremony at school Friday AM.
Daddy was traveling so it was just Riley and I but we took lots of pics for Todd.

Jack's teacher, Mrs. Garson, wrote a few words about him and how he exemplifies Knowledge.
I want to get it down in writing to keep forever.
Here it is:


Jack was chosen because he exemplifies the qualities of knowledge.
Through his actions it is clear that he is always ready and eager to learn new things.
He is confident in his abilities and seeks out opportunities to gain knowledge and discover new things.
Jack loves a challenge and works hard to be successful.
He always puts forth the effort to do his best work. I can count on Jack to be doing exactly what is expected of him because he has a strong desire to complete any and all tasks.
He is willing to take risks and try new things.
He loves to participate in class and always tries out the concept taught during mini-lessons.
Because of his willingness to incorporate newly learned ideas, Jack's stories are creative, suspenseful, and entertaining.
He sets a positive example for others.
Great job Jack.


Sniff. Sniff.

We are so proud of you Jack.

Until next time...


Tupelo Honey said...

Very cool-congrats!

Tupelo Honey said...

Very cool-congrats!

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