Thursday, October 6, 2011

At Least Once a Day

At least once a day...

I hear: Mom- Swisher is digging.
Riley says: I'm hungry.
Jack leaves his shoes anywhere but where they belong.

Riley says: Can I play with Addy or Emelia?
I vacuum the dirt-mulch-crap off the floor that the dog brings in.
Jack plays catch with his Dad or the 7th grader across the street.

Riley wears a skirt or dress.
Jack asks to have sushi for dinner (ok- not once a day, but almost).
I hear either the hum of the dishwasher or the rumble of the washing machine - or both.

I pray that Riley will wake up dry- yes, she still wears a pull-up. :(
Jack thumps a tennis ball over and over against the house.
I wish dinner would just show up on my kitchen table magically.

I hear Riley: Jack is annoying.
I hear Jack: Riley is annoying.
I get annoyed. :)-

I am thankful for two happy, healthy beautiful children.


Some recent pics from the field.

Until next time...

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