Sunday, September 25, 2011

This and That

I'm in a blogging rut.
So much going on and lots to write about but just not feelin' it.
Maybe it's because there's so much going on and lots to write about.

Now that I've gotten myself a little job I'm finding myself taking less pictures, which in turn means that I am writing less.
But that's ok.
Something else needed to occupy my time.
I'll still be taking lots of pictures and writing about those pictures but on a wee bit smaller scale.

Speaking of that aforementioned job it's going great.
I never could have imagined being this busy.
I'm going to enjoy the ride while I can.
I signed up my 3rd recruit today and have a 4th coming soon-I think.
It's craziness but I love it.
The parties keep coming and I am meeting so many fun ladies at each party.

Jack is trucking along in 2nd grade.
His teacher is pregnant. Another year another pregnant teacher. Yeah for her but ugh for us.
Not sure when she's due b/c she hasn't 'officially' announced it but it's pretty obvious to all of the parents.
Jack will get the majority of the year with her so that's what matters.

He had a great birthday last Thursday.
Here's the rock I painted for his actual birthday at school.
I squeezed in the rock painting between rain showers.
It's rained for 6 days here.
Enough already.

We took the birthday boy and his sister and Gammy and Paa Paa to a hibachi restaurant for Jack's birthday.
He was supposed to be playing in a baseball game the night of his birthday but it was cancelled because of rain so we headed out to eat instead.
Jack ordered his token tuna roll as an appetizer and was a happy boy.

Riley is three weeks in to her last year of preschool.
She loves Mrs. Helms.
I love Mrs. Helms.
She is sweet, kind and ever so nurturing. Just what Ri needs.
Mrs. Helms claims that Riley is doing great in school.
Who knows.
I've been trying to working on her handwriting.
"Trying" is the key word.
It's painful to watch her write.
She's super slow and still has a hard time forming her letters.
Thank goodness she has an extra year- goodness knows she needs it.

Ri has always been an independent child.
Now she's even more independent that ever.
She showers all on her own.
Brushes her hair - knots and all- and fixes it in the morning.
God only knows what she'd wear every day if I let her pick her own clothes out.
Most likely it would have something to do with a dress, a tutu, a skirt and some sort of sparkly shoes.

That's about it for now-
I'm determined to take some pics of gymnastics and tennis this week.
I hope.

Until next time...

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JLMattson said...

I know exactly how you feel! So much going on to adequately blog. I have felt like that since this past summer!!!! I take so many photos and don't have time to share them. UGH! Looking forward to getting your catalogue for potential holiday purchases! Say hi to Todd. J

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