Sunday, July 24, 2011

Father/Son Results

Third place!!

Third out of fifteen teams of 10 and under boys.
The only two teams to beat the Milligan's had 10 year olds on them.
And- they only beat my boys by three shots.
Pretty darn sweet.

Jack literally hadn't played a single hole of golf at the course or swung a club in the yard in MONTHS until last week. It all came back pretty darn quick.

It was SMOKIN' hot out. I really don't know how they survived. My car read 101 on the way over to the course.
Ri and I watched the 7th and 8th holes (they played 9) before heading over the pool. I didn't realize they were going to have a trophy presentation and missed the photo ops for that. The boys brought home a pretty nice trophy though.

So glad these two will have these memories forever. And so so so thankful I put them here for them to look back on for years to come.


A quick pic before they headed to the course.

Can't forget Swisher.

And Riley.

From what I gather Jack made some incredible shots. Todd said one of them was so ridiculous that a man was shaking his head in disbelief.

Funny thing is - Jack has NO CLUE how good of a golfer he is. He just enjoys being with his Dad. That's one of the best qualities about Jack- he just goes about his business w/ no care in the world.

I love this pic. Makes me smile. My boy is growing up on me. STOP it now.

What's a few pictures without Miss Priss throwing some funny faces in the mix?

And 'admiring' her Dad's beer.

Love his swing. It's flawless.

Jack has never taken any private lessons- learned it all from his Dad.

Way to go boys. The girls are super proud of you both.
Can't wait for the next tournament.

(And then we proceeded to head straight until the pool with friends until it was just about dark). It was sooo hot. Maybe it will start to cool off some soon.

Until next time...

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