Friday, July 8, 2011


Jack and Ava have always been as thick as thieves.
Born just shy of 11 months apart they may as well be attached at the hip when they are together.
Gender differences do NOT matter for these two.
They always seem to find something to do - this summer huddling together playing Angry Birds topped the list when they weren't at the beach or in the pool.

This summer was the first summer Riley felt the cold sting of being left out by those two.
Emma- fast approaching teenagerhood- could really care less if she's included by the middle two cousins- but not Riley.
She wants to be in the thick of Jack and Ava.
We all know how that goes.
Not so well.
It could have been worse- but there were a few tiffs that needed refereeing.
But- Jack left the beach on Wednesday afternoon.
Leaving Ava all for Riley.
Need I say that Riley was really happy to get lots of time w/ her cousin.

See for yourself.

The boys are up near the mountains in North Carolina for Jack's state baseball tournament.
The Silver Bullets are 2-1 so far.
Jack's been coming off the bench towards the 2nd half of most games.
I guess he had a game winning hit today. Too bad I wasn't there to see it in person.

I'm driving up first thing tomorrow for their 4th game at 3:30.
If they keep winning we could potentially play until Tuesday night.
Lots of baseball.
But then it's over.
No more baseball until late August.

Until next time...

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