Friday, July 29, 2011

Brave Bears and Beating the Heat

So this week the humidity has been at least 100%.
Can the humidity be higher than that?
If it can- it has been.

The only respite is the pool.
And we've been in one just about every night this week.
During the day the kids have been at camp.

Ri's doing tennis camp this week at a neighborhood across the street.
She loves it.
Her coach claims she's pretty good but who knows if they tell all the parents the same thing.
She is pretty darn happy every day when I pick her up so that's what matters most.

Jack is back at Camp Whip-Poor-Will.
His all-time-most-fave-camp-ever!
He went last year for the first time and was super excited for this week to arrive.

Jack and Carson (along w/ Carson's sister Caroline) are back in the Brave Bears group.

When I picked the kids up yesterday I grabbed my camera and had the kids show me their wooded 'home.'
It's down this trail back in the woods.

They built a little teepee and staked it with ribbons and American flags. Pretty cool.

I'd venture to say Jack's favorite parts about Camp Whip-Poor-Will include the fishing and the rock searches in the creek. He loves walking in a creek.

Ri went with me to pick the kids up yesterday and told me she really wants to go next year. We'll see if Dad wants to foot the bill for two campers.

Lots of fun little areas that make it so homey.

And- to beat the heat we've been swimming like crazy lately.
Staying in the house is not my cup of tea so we pack it up and go swimming to stay busy and cool.

Jack's been working on his flips.

Ri is a fish- she is such a great swimmer. I don't really have to watch her anymore.
It's so nice.!

The boys are flying to CT today and heading to a Yankee game Saturday. I hope it's not too hot for them.

Ri and I head back to the beach Saturday for the last time this summer. I am looking forward to hearing the ocean waves again.

Until next time...

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