Monday, June 6, 2011

A List

Be careful what you wish for.
I think a few weeks back I was 'wishing for summer.'
Well- it's here.
With a vengeance.
It's smokin' hot out- in the 90's with no relief in sight.
Thank God for swimming pools. We're visiting several this week.

Ri's recital was yesterday.
She did great.
In fact - she did fantastic.
We are super proud.
Now the big decision looms: dance or gymnastics next year???
I am leaning toward gymnastics but there is a beginner hip hop class!
That would be fun.

Lovin' the iPad.
I downloaded an episode of the cartoon Olivia for a whopping $1.99
and it kept Ri busy the entire time we were getting my oil changed today.
It's going to be great for travel.
What the hell did we do before the invention of technology?

Four days left of school for Jack.
He is really looking forward to summer.
His team got booted from their baseball tournament early so we are reaping the benefits of having a week off.
He starts up all-star practice on Saturday with his first scrimmage on Sunday.
Ri and I bought a Frogg Togg for us to share and one of those fans that squirts water to help keep us cool during all of these games and practices.

That's it for now.

Here's Ri in her costume yesterday.

Until next time...

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