Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just in Time

Last night Jack tells me before bed- "Mom- I need some lotion- my belly itches."

I give him some lotion and notice a few red bumps. Nothing out of the ordinary or unusual. He wears all kinds of clothes, protective gear, etc. when he plays ball and they had a game last night. I thought it was from sweat or whatever.

Not so fast.

The kid has poison ivy.

JUST IN TIME for our vacation to start in two days. Lovely.

I didn't realize it was so bad until we were at dinner tonight and Todd was checking out Jack's neck and asked me if we should take him to the DR before we leave on Friday morning. Not really.

Then it clicked. Last week when Riley had practice Jack was practicing his pitching w/ a tennis ball against a low fence. More than once, in fact- more than twice- it went over the fence and into the woods. A couple of times we had to walk into the woods to find that darn tennis ball.

I even said to him, "I hope there's not poison ivy out here Jack."

I guess there was.

So here we are, with poison ivy, on the eve of our long awaited cruise. I loaded up Jack with pink goo and gave him a shot of Benadryl and he hit the sack.

I hope he's not too bad for school tomorrow.

Here are some pics from their games last night:

Ri warming up before her game.

Ri running the bases. Look at that grin on her face! She's so proud of herself.

Sitting in the dugout cheering her teammates on.

Adjusting her hat- God forbid it mess up her hairdo.

Jack got a rare shot a shortstop last night for an inning. He did great and stopped a line drive.

Taking a swing at the ball.

Not sure what he was doing here.

Until next time...

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