Monday, April 4, 2011

Groundhog Day

Food. Family. Fun. Baseball. Friends. And more of the same.

That was our weekend.

Saturday my Dad came and watched the kids games. What a great weekend to watch.

Jack's team won their game 12-11 and had to play an extra inning b/c of a tie. We were up 9-2 and then a series of errors by our team allowed the Giants to score some runs and come back and tie.

Jack played well- and only made one mistake this time- an overthrow from 2nd to 1st. He played one inning at 2nd, one at pitcher and the rest in center field. He scored the winning run too! He slid right under the catcher as he was catching the ball and beat the tag. It was thrilling to say the least.

You'd think we were watching the Yankees play- not a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds.

Riley played her first game as well. She had a lot of fun and even made a play at 3rd base. She was really proud of herself. It was cute to watch.

On Sunday we headed to to watch a University of South Carolina baseball game. We went with friends and the kids (esp. the boys) had a great time. They were mesmerized to see the big boys make all of those plays. The girls probably enjoyed the ice cream and treats more than the game!

Last night we were able to see some of my extended family that we don't see very often and that was nice-

Yes- more baseball pics. Sorry!

Jack coming in from center field. He loves playing center field and actually gets a good bit of play. These boys can hit.

Playing pitcher. They have to wear these masks- thank God.

Hitting the ball. One of his at bats he fouled down the 3rd base line at least 6-8 times. Finally he hit a good one and got on base! It was nerve racking to watch.

Rallying the kids to get it together in the infield!

Miss Priss getting ready to bat!

Running to 1st.

Coach Adam rallying his girls!

Playing 3rd base.

Until next time...

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